What is this?

Tennis inbox is a newsletter publication for the busy tennis lover. Issues and articles are sent straight to your inbox.

Who is this for?

You’re an avid tennis fan, player, or perhaps you work in the industry—and you want to stay in the know with nearly everything that’s happening in the tennis world. You live tennis. But you also realize that your time is finite, and you can’t devote hours a day to scouring the internet for the latest updates, that article on how to hit a perfect slice, or trying to find highlights from your favorite Grand Slam marathon match. Even the tennis lover has other commitments—work, family, life in general. That’s what Tennis inbox is for: to save you time and to keep you in the loop.

When is it delivered?

Tennis inbox is delivered every Thursday to get you in the mindset for a weekend full of the game that we all love. Stand-alone interviews and articles are sent every month or so.

Who makes this?

Hey, I’m Malhar. I’ve played tennis for 17 years and have more than five years of coaching experience. I’ve competed in the US college system, coached at numerous centers, private clubs, and at the NCAA level. I’m also a writer and have media experience, including years of working in communications roles.

I’m not a famous player, nor am I a renowned tennis writer or commentator. But I want to build Tennis inbox into a publication that subscribers will trust to bring them the most essential tennis content; I want subscribers to spend 10–15 minutes a week reading our issues and feel confident that they’re caught up with all that’s important in the tennis world. I know that this will take some work on my part.

I’ll strive to make Tennis inbox issues informative and engaging (for the most part), but there’ll be no tour gossip, no kitsch videos of players doing “cute” things, or anything of that sort.

My aim is to combine my expertise in both tennis and media to build Tennis inbox into a valuable offering for the tennis lover—whether they be a fan, coach, player, or part of the tennis industry.

Why use email?

Social media is saturated. There is just so much content out there. I can cut through that noise with email. Instead of creating issues, interviews, and articles and then fighting to bring them to you through social media, I prefer to send them straight to your inbox at a consistent time. It’s direct, much more intimate, and ties into what I hope to achieve with Tennis inbox. Besides, the online versions of issues and articles are always available to subscribers at https://tennisinbox.com/archives

Online versions are also where Tennis inbox subscribers can share their thoughts through comments and engage with other readers.

What are your future plans with Tennis inbox?

Tennis inbox will eventually adopt a hybrid model of sponsorship and membership. It takes a considerable amount of time to produce issues, organize and create interviews, and commission and write articles. The numerous softwares required to make Tennis inbox also cost a fair bit.

But for now the goal is to build a core readership. You can help in this endeavor by sharing Tennis inbox with the tennis lovers in your life.

Anything else?

Email hello@tennisinbox.com