Advertise with Tennis inbox

Thanks for your interest! I’m offering a main sponsorship slot in each issue of the newsletter. It’s a great way to reach a global audience (70% North American, 20% Australian, 10% European) of dedicated tennis fans.

This isn’t like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Ads placed on social media networks fight to capture a viewer’s attention while they are scrolling their feeds. In contrast, Tennis inbox readers open emails to specifically spend 5–10 minutes consuming each issue—and our audience is already finely tuned to be tennis lovers.

A sponsorship slot includes

  • One 100×100 logo (jpg) placement at the top of email with link, one headline, one 600×400 banner (jpg) with link, and 100 words or less of copy with link at the end

Here’s an example

Tennis inbox:

  • Has over 930 subscribers
  • An average open rate of 43% per campaign
  • The web version of each newsletter gets at least 100+ additional views

Availability and price

6-week sponsorship

Save 25% off the total price by purchasing three slots. These will appear over a 6-week period in alternating weeks.

How to book

Email with:

  • The date on which you’d like to purchase
  • One 100×100 logo (jpg) + URL of where it should be linked
  • One headline
  • One 600×400 banner (jpg) + URL of where it should be linked
  • 100 words or less of copy + URL of CTA

I’ll issue an invoice and we’ll go from there!


Interested in a partnership?

My immediate goal with Tennis inbox is to grow its readership. If you’re a tennis brand, company, or content creator and are interested in working together to grow both of our reaches, shoot me an email at